About base-conversion.ro website

What is base-conversion.ro?

base-conversion.ro is a website that offers online tools designed to perform numerical base conversions from decimal (base 10) to any other base of the numerical positional system (for the moment only to the binary system) and also from any other base back to the decimal (base 10).

What is the main purpose of base-conversion.ro

base-conversion.ro aims at providing users a free tool to make reliable online numerical base conversions. This tool can be used to simply perform the above described operations or as an online checking / learning tool.

What can you do?

If you find this website useful, make it known your friends, colleagues or those you know that they need a percentage calculation tool. At the same time, any feedback to improve our service is more than welcome and in the end it is going to help all the visitors.


We thank all our visitors that recommend friends and colleagues base-conversion.ro website or come with valuable suggestions. Our site will continue to grow and develop thank to you. :-)

base-conversion.ro team

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